Electric Bikes


If you would love to cycle to work or for pleasure, but don’t like the hills; or want the healthy benefits of cycling without the strain; or, like many people going to work, you find commuting an exhausting and unpleasant experience; or you cycle into work and wish you didn’t need to have a shower by the time you arrive – then there is a solution.


Electric Bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, eco-friendly, fast and hassle free travel.


Almost 200 million of them have been sold worldwide already, and they’re beginning to become very popular in Europe. An eco-friendly alternative, electric bicycles are a fantastic method of transportation that allows you to get where you need to be in a fast, efficient and eco-friendly manner.


Our electric bicycles allow you to reduce pollution, reduce resource consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Miragepoint aim to help our community benefit from better air quality, and offer a sustainable form of transport that will last a lifetime.


Electric Bike Charging Locker

Electric Bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, eco-friendly, fast and hassle free travel. Having an electric bike charging locker available means that you have a fully charged battery with no hassle at all – stress free charging at your disposal.



Whether headed to class, work, or the corner shop, you can beat the traffic with an electric bicycle from the Miragepoint range – and enjoy the ride.

electric bike charging locker