Charging Points

Mirage Point offer a wide range of fantastic products, solutions and services. We offer commercial charging, office charging, route charging and home charging solutions.

Electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses


Rapid Commercial Charging

Commercial businesses are under growing pressure from rising fuel costs, taxation, emissions regulations and the public opinion and are looking for energy and cost efficient alternatives.
In addition more and more consumers and clients are driving chargeable vehicles, so it makes commercial sense to offer them the opportunity of charging on your site.

Commercial charging for electric vehicles


Rapid Route Charging

Electric traffic could help in solving the growing transport needs and environmental problems of the world’s cities. Public charging points increase the mobility and support the network allowing
for longer distances of electric driving. Energy companies and commercial operators build charging places alongside popular routes to serve electric traffic.

Route charging for electric vehicles


Office / Home Charging

Charging your electric vehicle at home couldn’t be easier – just charge and go. Ensto Chago eFill is specially designed for home use. It includes all the basic and easy-to-use features – and them only. Good choice!

Office charging for electric vehicles


Car Park / Street Charging

Driven by growing concern over climate change and environmental issues, as well as by tightening legislation on emissions and fossil fuels, the EV revolution is accelerating fast. Hybrid, range-extender and pure-electric vehicles are ever more popular and are set to change the demands that people have for parking at offices and workplaces.

Home chargingelectric vehicle solutions


Digital Signage Charging

Digital signage charging is a tremendous opportunity for further revenue. Besides just charging the vehicles, digital signage shows digital advertising – helping to cover the investment. Located in public places, these charging stations therefore provide a fantastic advertising environment and enable creation of income for both private and public service providers.

Digital signage for charging electric vehicles


Electric Bike Charging Locker

Electric Bikes are rapidly becoming the new solution to short distance, eco-friendly, fast and hassle free travel. Having an electric bike charging locker available means that you have a fully charged battery with no hassle at all – stress free charging at your disposal.

electric bike charging locker